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Hullo thar. Maegin here. Welcome to my personal journal where you can read about myriad happenings that inevitably hold no significance and little entertainment value to you. Good stuff. Now put that down before you break it. Thanks.
18th-Jun-2012 08:52 pm - Holy shit.
AAH Jushiro!
Sooo... yeeeeeeah. I think I'm too old to blog. I still write, sure, but not about the mundane shit I do day-to-day. Nobody wants to read that. Maslow's pyramid states that at a certain age, Man learns to transcend himself. I haven't reached that age yet (besides, I'm fucking AWESOME), but I am tired of writing about myself. It's already been almost a year since I posted last and, well, I'm not interested in keeping this up. The real reason I quit posting was because I got my own place and didn't have a computer. I didn't miss it, though.

You guys keep doing what you do. Make art. Communicate. I'll keep doing the same; just not on here. It's been real, bitches.

GUH Uryu
Here. Have some sentences:

Been working nights. For six weeks. *_* Coffee and I have become the best of friends. As have all nine of the guys I work with and the hilarious lesbian who I share a hotel room with.

I was seconds away from revamping my Livejournal layout when I spied some Uryu fanart on capslock_bleach. *sigh* It's not easy being a fangirl.

I've also been rewatching all the Cirque du Soleil I can get my hands on, which is a considerable amount. I've loved every show I've ever seen, but Varekai is my favorite. I've rediscovered one act that I'm sure is the reason most people think the Cirque is fuckin' weird. I'm looking at you, juggler from Dralion.

We're FINALLY moving out in a few weeks. For serious. Into a proper house, too. I'd be more excited, but I'm coming down off a salad-bowl-of-Crunch-Berries-&-three-cups-of-coffee high.

AWA TIME YOU WHORES! I can't freaking wait. But I will. Don't really have a choice. Not until I finish this time machine, anyway.

I've just noticed that I'm not really saying much. I don't feel compelled to blog as much, I suppose. Spouting personal bullshit to strangers that don't give a fuck... OH GOD AM I GROWING UP PLEASE NO.

Thanks for reading. I promise I'll be back at some point in the future. Or the past. This blueprint is fucking confusing. Anyone know how to read Gallifreyan?
29th-Apr-2011 02:25 pm - I R B MAEK POAST NAO LOL!
It's On

Posting from my phone.  Feelin' like a pimp.  I feel like that all the time, though.  X)  How is everybody? I haven't seen you in such a long time... well, most of you I haven't seen EVAR, but that's neither here nor there.  My absence had home unmarked, most likely.  This is just a test-post at any rate.  I don't much care for typing my heart out with this tiny, tiny keyboard.  Besides, I have to go get ready for work!  Look at you trying to make me late!  Naughty...

Posted via LiveJournal app for Android.

AAH Jushiro!
RICH TEXT FORMATTING!  It's worth it.  After all, this is a special journal entry.  Why, you ask?  Who the hell are you to ask that?!  YOU'RE NOT MY REAL MOM!

First off, HI! And how the hell are you, eh? I haven't posted in, well let's see. *checks last journal date* WOW. Since October of last year. Ooooookay. I r bad Maegin. It's not like I had anything important to do. HAH! Then again, I did switch departments for the holidays. That's right. I crept out of my warehouse at the behest of my GM and rang out computers & did pre-setups at Geek Squad for two months. I freaking LOVE our Geeks. We've got a great damn crew. But I can't say for a second that I'm not glad to be back in Inventory, organizing product and humming softly to myself. Good times. However, they're recreating the Hiring & Training Coordinator position. *_* Do not know if want...

So how was your holiday season, my dears? My beautiful family & friends, knowing my affinity for teas and my inability to "get the good shit" got me a plethora of goods from a newly opened shop in the mall, Teavana. I'm going there this weekend for more. /has a happy.  The holidays also saw the completion of character profiles for the main four protagonists of The Story:  Bright, Émil, James & Gideon.  It also saw Katie get unimaginably ill with the flu.  I wrote a fanfic for one of her characters to make her feel better.  I have no shame.

So it's a new year, huh?  Traditionally, you're supposed to have, what, resolutions or something of the like, yes?  Well, SCREW THAT!  I gots me some GOALZ, people!  (The "Z" is for seriousnezz.)  Kate & I are still getting a place with Shawna sometime soon. I'm getting a newer, less-expensive car with better mileage. I'm putting my entire face to the grindstone (ow.) so I can take the JLPT Level 5 this winter. Katie & I are also planning to go to AWA again this year, regardless of who will be there. 2011 is going to be epic.

I finished Season 2 (final! Uwaaah!) of Saiunkoku Monogatari. I just found out that Viz Media's shoujo branch picked up the manga. It make me ^_^ liek whoa. I just love these characters something fierce. Like you care. LOL

Okay, before I start rambling on & on about anime, I'll... I'll what? Stop typing altogether? That sounds like a pla
Glasses Push
All the way back to 2005. That's when the madness started. Apparently, I've calmed down quite a bit, but I've at least maintained my vocabulary. And my ability to be distracted by the smallest thing. So that's good. I'm not sure how to feel about only making 4 friends in five years, but I'm going to call it a win because you're all freaking awesome people. Seriously. ILU guys! *tear*

Sentence fragments!! Moving on...

Over the years, I harvested many a meme from courtknee. This is one, filled in with new answers, for the most part. Fill in yer own stuff and let me know what your answers are! That's why I do these things in the first place!

7 Things I Plan To Do Before I Die:

1. Travel to Japan for an extended period
2. Write a book (no change here!)
3. Pass the N2-Level JLPT
4. Drive over 100 MPH
5. Draw on an entire wall
6. Move out of the southern US
7. Be a guest vocalist on an album
My dreams are humble. ^^

7 Things I Can Do:

1. Sing
2. Draw
3. Decorate
4. Breathe
5. Write
6. Get along with absolutely anyone
7. Manipulate people's emotions

7 Things I Cannot Do:

1. Trust a stranger
2. Be hated
3. Play an instrument (still no luck after all these years.)
4. Lift one eyebrow
5. Pee standing up without making a mess
6. Swim
7. Take a compliment

7 Things That Attract Me To Other People:

1. Intelligence
2. Sense of Humor
3. Humility
4. Smile
5. Eyes
6. Shared interests
7. Voice

7 Things That I Say Most Often:

1. Fuckin' A.
2. Ai ya.
3. Son of a...
4. Awesome
5. That's the best thing I've ever seen!
6. Holy shit!
7. Whatever queer.

7 Celebrity Crushes:

1. Michael Buble
2. Josh Groban
3. John Mayer
4. Henry Rollins
5. Robert Downey Jr.
6. Liam O'Brien
7. John Burgmeier
Yes, the last two count as celebrities. *pout*

And, with my "newfound" (wasn't as into it back in the day, it seems) love for anime, here's a new category for those that are so inclined. Use TV or books, too:

7 Fictional Character Crushes

1. Ishida Uryu
2. Ukitake Jushiro
3. Sohma Shigure
4. Lestat de Lioncourt
5. Suou Tamaki
6. Seeley Booth
7. Shi Ryuuki
Holy shit! Two aren't from an anime! I'm so proud of me.

Alright, bitches, let's see those answers! FOR PONY! (Also, I'm done rereading, so this'll be the last update for a while. You lucky bastards.)
What Not To Wear Uryu
So Harley got better.  Then the weather got warmer.  Which woke up the wasps that had gone into hibernation.  Who then proceeded to sting my dog over thirty times.  Dogs are naturally immune, thank goodness, but he was so annoyed.  And his widdle face is all puffy now.  Poor guy.  (^へ^#)

I took a personality test waaaaaaay the hell back in 2006.  I took it again and thought I hadn't changed much.  Except that I've apparently lost all faith in humanity.  *_*  Heh heh.  Anyway, I'm still what the site calls a "Visionary" (my results are always something like that).  If you're at all interested in my plummeting scores for "Extroversion" & "Trust in Others" or, oddly enough, my sharp rise in empathy, have a click on the link below.  Take it, too while you're at it.  It's an innovative process and is pretty interesting if you're into that sort of thing.

Well, that's really the only reason I decided to post.  You got two in a row, people: WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM MEEEEE?!  >w<  Oyasumi!

26 Feb. 2006

Looking for inspiration from my past led me to read some VERY old LJ entries of mine.  Why didn't you fuckers tell me how much of a spazz I was?  I mean, seriously!  "Midgets, donkeys & hot sauce" I said.  O_O  WTF, me??  WTFlyingF?  You know, when I started this journal, I actually had dial-up.  DIAL-UP!!  Lawl.  Well, I got 0% ideas for the story from all that, but it was fun.  And enlightening.  "STDs are like Pokémon: you gotta catch 'em all.  My favorite is 'It Burns When I Pikachu.'"

So every once in a while, my dog Harley will get into the garbage.  He is a dog.  He does these things.  However, this last time made him so ill that we feared for his life.  Let's just say we were having to take him outside every half hour or so for a while there.  He was so weak I had to help him up onto the porch and into the front door almost every time.  My fierce little man just doesn't get sick.  Some probiotic in water and two days of boiled rice later and he's all better.  Of course now if I see one member of my family giving him human food, I scream at them before tearing them in half.  Here he is doing another activity that he loves: pimpin'.

Pictured:  Not Rick James, bitch.

I'm shifting back to my media duties for this, the most important holiday season EVER!  (Best Buy in-joke.  Sorry.)  And what makes this the most important holiday season for me?  Katie got a job at my store!!  *flail!*  If you have a question about computers, come ask her and watch her get all flustered because she's only been doing this for two weeks.  It's adorable!

You know, I really need to lay off teh Facebooks.  I'm neglecting LJ for one, but I really feel like it's crushing my creativity.  That's a big deal for me!  It's all I haaaaave!  Well, that and a sweet, sweet mustache.  Speaking of mustaches, ever play the Mustache Game?  Of course you haven't because you've never lived with Shawna.  I've got to tell you though:  I really love coming home and inspecting all the pictures in my room to try to find a mustache.  My poster of Ville Valo looks especially sketchy.  And awesome.

You're asking if I'm done yet.  The answer is fuck you.  And yes.  Thanks for reading, everybody!
26th-Jul-2010 09:17 pm - This mess is a place.
Sooo, a wasp stung me in the face today.  Σ(O_O;)  At least now I know I'm not allergic.  And that nature hates me.

ANYcrap, I moved back to the warehouse.  I hate being at work and having nothing to do, which was happening A LOT with my previous role.  Homie don't play dat.  I'm happy now.  Relatively.  Until I think about the fact that I don't want to still be doing this next year even though I don't actually know what I want to do anymore because NO ONE, not even Vic Mignogna (♥♥♥), can support themselves with voice-acting so now I'm all confused and sad and don't have any level of certainty or confidence when I look toward my future anymore and if I don't know what I want to do then how the hell am I going to move in with Kate and Shawna next year when I don't want to be working the same job at that time?!  JUST WHAT THE HELL AM I GONNA DOOOOOO???  \(>o<)/ギャーッ! *huff huff*  Yeah.  Little stressed about that.  Well, that and the fact that we keep missing budget so hours are staying cut.  It wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't saving up to take two of my most favoritest people on a trip in a month and can only pay for the hotel room so far.  ::headdesk headdesk headdesk::  I REALLY don't want to ask Kate for help.  GOD I hate money.  And cherries.  I really fucking hate cherries.

Heeey, let's talk about something positive, shall we?  Like, oh I don't know, anime!  (I'm well-aware that half my f-list just lost interest.  My apologies.  It'll all be over soon.  LOL)  House Of Five Leaves is over now and, for being my first Edo-period drama, I really enjoyed it.  A lot.  Since that ended, I've started Saiunkoku Monogatari (and have gotten unhealthily addicted to it.  Damn bishounen.)  I've also started, and stopped, watching La Corda D'Oro.  Either that show is really bad or I'm not as pink and fluffy as my choice in anime forbears.  I think it might be a combination of the two.  Watched a few episodes of X.  Had waaaaaaay too many characters to keep up with.  Got halfway through Welcome To The NHK before I started feeling self-conscious.  Had to drop Monster, too.  It's just too heavy.  And Liam O'Brien's acting is too good.  That's right:  TOO GOOD!  Now I'm eagerly awaiting the release of FUNi's Hetalia dub, the cast and writing of which I thoroughly approve.  I'm also catching up on FMA: Brotherhood.  Todd, dude, I love you as Death the Kid and Italy, but... WHY?!  WHY THE HELL ARE YOU LING, TOO??  ヽ(#`Д´)ノ  At some point I watched Loveless, as well.  I was actually disappointed by the rushed ending.  Apparently, I'm a closet fujoushi.  This should probably worry me.  It does not.  ( ´∀`  I'm also reading Fruits Basket, Ouran, Tsubasa and Loveless online.  Not sure how long that's going to last with manga sites closing all over the place.  Sad day.  Sometime while I was doing all this, I worked, ate, slept and got attacked by winged-beasties that obviously have it in for me. ::shakes fist::

Katie's done some GREAT artwork for the story, including a portrait of one of her characters, which I absolutely love.  It's of a fella by the name of Gideon.  He's a right weirdo, but it's all in good fun.  I've done a picture of my werewolf friend, Max:  full name Tracy Maxwell.  You see why he goes by "Max."  His trademark is being irrepressibly cheerful.  I drew him as being quite upset.  I wonder what he's so upset about?  Anyway, those might go on the deviantART at some point.  Probably.

There you are, kids:  a real, live update.  Not a blurb or a meme.  An update.  You're welcome.

24th-Jul-2010 03:55 pm - myTunes
Jin&#39;s Happy Face
Nabbed from courtknee because my curiosity got the better of me, as usual.

Number of Songs Total: 1894
Total Length of Songs: 5.2 days

Sort by song title
First song: "ABCDeath" by Psychostick
Last song: "93 Million Miles" by 30 Seconds To Mars

Sort by time

Shortest song: "Bill Nye The Science Guy Theme" at 00:30
Longest song: "Dazed & Confused" by Led Zeppelin (SRTS Version) at 26:52

Sort by album
First song: "JAP" from the self-titled album by abingdon boys school
Last song: "Queen of Argyll" by Silly Wizard (Unknown Album)

Top 10 most played songs
1. "Season's Call" by Hyde
2. "D-tecnolife" by UVERworld
3. "Doubt & Trust" by access
4. "Aesthetics and Identity" by Noriaki Sugiyama & Masakazu Morita
5. "LIFE" by Yui
6. "HANABI" by Ikimono Gakari
7. "Tonight Tonight Tonight" by BEAT CRUSADERS
8. "Innocent Sorrow" by abingdon boys school
9. "Comet" by Younha
10. "The Final" by Dir en Grey

First 10 songs that come up on shuffle
1. "Call Me Irresponsible" by Michael Buble
2. "Teenage FBI" by Guided By Voices
3. "I Want To Break Free" by Queen
4. "Sailing" by *NSYNC
5. "Downfall" by Matchbox Twenty
6. "Pain" by Three Days Grace
7. "Aerials" by System of a Down
8. "Wait Until Tomorrow" by John Mayer Trio
9. "Love In An Elevator" by Aerosmith
10. "Alla Luce Dal Sole" by Josh Groban

"sex" - 3 items
"love" - 109 items
"you" - 246 items
"death" - 13 items
"hate" - 2 items
"wish" - 24 items

Aaaaaaaaand, that's what I listen to!  :3
16th-Jun-2010 11:39 pm - A message from the heart.
Love is patient; love is kind. It does not envy; it does not boast; it is not proud. It is not rude; it is not self-seeking it is not easily angered; it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth. It always protects always trusts always hopes always perseveres.
I love you guys. 'Night! ^_^
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